Apply For a Tour Plan

Tour Plans keep your Scouting unit prepared for adventure.

BE PREPARED!   Submit tour plans at least two weeks ahead of your scheduled trip.   Allow time to collect missing information, such as required trainings, vehicle information OR for computer problems, etc MyScouting is designed for use on Internet Explorer 6 or 9. If you are using another browser, you need to enable Compatibility View.

Creating a tour permit application

  1. Head to MyScouting Legacy Tools 
  2. If you have a MyScouting account: From the MyScouting logon page, enter your email address and password.
  3. If you don’t have a MyScouting account, you may set up one using the council number (#577) and member ID from your BSA membership card.
  4. Click “Tour and Activity Plan” under Unit Tools on the left menu
  5. Enter all the information for the tour. BSA rules specific to tour permits will be applied. Once the tour permit has passed the rules as outlined in the Guide to Safe Scouting, the volunteer will be able to submit the permit application.   Each tour permit, once submitted, will have a unique tour ID number with tracking based on permit submittal and approval. Volunteers can search through existing permits and check their status. Driver information for transportation and adult leadership qualifications will be stored in the system database, making the entry of future tour permit applications quicker and easier

There will be automatic notification at all appropriate steps in the process to the permit creator, the tour leader, and the assistant tour leader.   The unit committee chair and unit leader will also receive e-mail notifications if they have MyScouting accounts. Council office staff will also be notified when a permit is submitted.


 If additional information is required in order to approve this permit, you will see a “Warning” window. Check these warnings prior to clicking the “Submit” button. Each entry on the “Permit Warnings” window describes the additional information that must be entered for the permit to be approved. If a permit is submitted without this missing information, the tour permit may not be approved.


Click the “Submit” button to submit your Tour Plan application. Once the tour plan has been submitted, staff at the council service center will evaluate and approve or return it for further clarification. Hardcopy signatures are not required for online plans.

Questions and Support

If you have any questions about the approval process or need clarification, please contact Mary Garcia at (361) 814-4300 Ext 113 or Ext. 110- or by email at For technical support and MyScouting questions, please contact the Boy Scouts of America Support Center at (972) 580-2489.

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