In order to better deliver the Scouting program, the South Texas Council is divided into six districts. Each district exists to support units in its service area and is managed by a district committee and served by a professional staff member.

Aztec District

The Aztec District serves Scouts and units in Webb and Jim Hogg County.
District Facebook Page: http://facebook.com/aztec.district
District Director: David Carbajal
E-mail: david.carbajal@scouting.org

Brush Country District

The Brush Country District serves Scouts and units in the western half of Nueces County and in eastern Duval and central Jim Wells Counties.
District Executive: Luis Sepulveda
E-mail: Luis.sepulveda@scouting.org
Calendar: Click here

Coastal Plains District

The Coastal Plains District serves Scouts and units in the eastern portion of Nueces County and in Aransas, and eastern San Patricio Counties.
District Website: http://coastalplains.southtexasbsa.org
District Director: George Arciba
E-mail:  George.Arciba@scouting.org
Calendar: Click here

La Salle District

The LaSalle District serves Scouts and units in Goliad, Jackson, Calhoun, Refugio and Victoria Counties.
Senior District Executive: James Rangel
E-mail: James.rangel@scouting.org

Pawnee District

The Pawnee District serves Scouts and units in Bee and Live Oak counties, the western portion of San Patricio county, and the northern half of Jim Wells county.
District Executive: Luis Sepulveda
E-mail: Luis.sepulveda@scouting.org
Calendar: Click here

Venado District

The Venado District serves Scouts and units in southern Jim Wells county, and in Brooks, Kenedy and Kleberg counties.
District Website: http://venado.southtexasbsa.org
District Executive: James Rangel
E-mail: James.Rangel@scouting.org